Rails and the book both finalists for Jolt Awards

The Jolt Awards have been honoring products of excellence and high productivity for 15 years and this year both Rails 1.0 and Agile Web Development with Rails made the cut as finalists!

The announcement tells us that the book competes against such titles as Practical Common Lisp, Service-Oriented Architecture, and Wicked Cool Java. Rails 1.0 is going up against JBoss 4x, Coldfusion, and Zend Studio. Pretty exciting stuff. Hopefully we’ll be jolting in red shortly.

Rake 0.7.0 has been released

Rake 0.7.0 has taken a great leap forward with the addition of parallel execution tasks and namespaces. Upcoming releases of Rails will surely use namespaces, so please do familiarize yourself with them today. And many thanks to Jim Weirich for his continued stellar work on this.

Caching models with memcached

The Robot Co-op has released their memcache-client and a plugin for Active Record that uses it. This enables you to cache your models in the distributed memory cache and not hit your database for repeat visits all the time. They use this to power 43things and the rest of their social suite.

SwitchTower with Bazaar-NG

Damien Merenne has just announced a Bazaar-NG SCM module for SwitchTower. All you bzr users now have one less reason to not use SwitchTower.

Damien has given permission for this module to be included in the next SwitchTower release, too. If you’ve got a pet SCM that you’d like to see supported by SwitchTower, just take a look at Damien’s code to see how little it really takes to implement a new SCM module. Then, implement it and submit it as a patch to http://dev.rubyonrails.org/newticket.

Rapid Web Development mit Ruby on Rails

Ralf Wirdemann and Thomas Baustert have released Rapid Web Development mit Ruby on Rails. The first German book on Rails and published by Hanser. It should be available in stores from Monday, January 16th.

About the book, Ralf and Thomas write:

The book is a practice-oriented introduction into Rails and all of its sub-frameworks. The book focuses furthermore on some advanced topics as i18n with Rails or test-driven web development with Rails.

As a extra bonus, they’re even giving away a free introduction to Ruby that didn’t fit in the book. Congratulations, guys!