Rails and have been released

Hi everyone! Rails and have been released! These releases contain an important security fix, so please upgrade when you can.

Both releases contain the following fix:

Here are the checksums for

ddc79ec6c5122c1eda8121b3c75ca53635235427  actioncable-
caaa2b50e93b71d25e2181a2bf9d7e885fbbb1f6  actionmailer-
228ea8910bad233edfe78c323c2789f3c6c811bc  actionpack-
686b82b79ad7a356a19f23738a79f65ee9dcc2a7  actionview-
cfa1e6f429162076914fce6897389f10541d6316  activejob-
1d6f19c918b991aca06d1c32de824ec5ed15bbfb  activemodel-
12c025ef4137ad8a1570d918a7ad44af3abcfc73  activerecord-
0e5853ed36a588b017c7e72fcbcc90cff80b8d2d  activestorage-
7b4459dcfc5f95c9663d8032a9cbf25a6039e8a1  activesupport-
c755abb919f6be479a50c85c5852fb584cf2e1d4  rails-
9ed4e14fa0e70ee66f840322e04873faa97f4475  railties-

Here are the checksums for

e7aad7426b67e420c50f929d6927c82b82ba7299  actioncable-
fa84ead6387625f4bbb273a0f21c477a66cb85ec  actionmailbox-
5ec626522e33b09577b60606c9ce38366a55fcf3  actionmailer-
5fbeef52d963e9e86e81f1897b663702faabc14e  actionpack-
eaa20ebf94fd7a2954da2c5d2159ba160c2dbb0d  actiontext-
fe8a07f6adfa212b51d27650db05cf20a5c80a3c  actionview-
09d536656bce51729710a063ac1d8cd3f0a70607  activejob-
42037b04104f997b014b0e2754b0fd540337a996  activemodel-
ffb2443a7a961876a06c59c9ccabda1dd9d40763  activerecord-
4f151eaf3145ffcf247072b59fdd4e53eca5f3d0  activestorage-
673e08bfcce6de903d0dfc4c0bb80f67b46c76d4  activesupport-
a6ba4ef9858e7778d379d9fd6944819d926d31a2  rails-
504ab700f86737a5747f1557fbef1fac39217ed8  railties-

Stay safe, and have a great day everyone!

Rails has been released!

Hi everyone!

Rails has been released! This version of Rails contains an important security patch, and you should upgrade! The release contains only one patch that addresses CVE-2020-8185. You can read about CVE-2020-8185 here.

Here are the checksums for the released gems:

$ shasum **
49c72c7d45ea6de626313d6142f2c307628d4f7e  actioncable-
dac7b0bab305f2666525369dc55b33c7cce03b96  actionmailbox-
a39e5f6e1cb4988ce17e7778a4c6d01b4b24bcdd  actionmailer-
82f70a87edf540897449d21dde0503213bd62bb2  actionpack-
fcb1d3e4e67e4a1036d11826f80a9dcbeb849e6c  actiontext-
0516d18bb37a0a23092b19c4a0473229b706c810  actionview-
93e32defe3bc17bd2a1a8cdb4d4d81564e8921b3  activejob-
1606d88b3a86125f89a331a33552cae09401c30d  activemodel-
a933167ad597b0f5679ffa400309bf697d53de72  activerecord-
187424658db284753a331a1a3cefa1261016365f  activestorage-
b92c473960b1ef01ee562d318604e1c8d1e6b175  activesupport-
7a7235a0d5233338896ca26cbe368c93812231e5  rails-
151e00dcecc52bf59c6ec52838eeb729e527ae2f  railties-

Have a great day!


Rails and have been released

Hi everyone! Rails and have been released! These releases contain important security fixes, so please upgrade when you can.

Both releases contain the following fixes:

Here are the checksums for

57936c04e421d5626dae6384645d2c04c50fade9  actioncable-
b9574346692494c816ba90c6c9f882e7535d3d6e  actionmailer-
d9abd6496bb593bcd6ded01eb2970d6c68591913  actionpack-
94b6025625aaf8a58271f29a8fcf2ab731bb2ba5  actionview-
261537dfe4b9becacadb97b5a4b1745a1a2ad88e  activejob-
3152765c56701234d56505be6f9f335686335d42  activemodel-
2db5dfbeb0860c4287fe1f6f7f4d180213c95393  activerecord-
80d1942082dfac378fa2446c4d9b90b59a209b16  activestorage-
1bfd68dcae101feb5a6414f3d449de07f179366b  activesupport-
27a4883d96f4bdfb67f89194e55f72c80ded8bcb  rails-
0ca72c6ab581f088394096f28290cb3fcc5abed6  railties-

Here are the checksums for

7a791c75121a2d291c940c42dee32bab6f79b28d  actioncable-
8ab6c70bb51c65365f0ecf45bc313a92538bdc51  actionmailbox-
32abbd8b860e0eb4dc6ddc7eb91229f138f41be5  actionmailer-
b4e2f362f9e3f64c463f13a355c91eac4faf5c3c  actionpack-
d2830250080c6ddfce32d7eed3b5e06868593679  actiontext-
d6fd791dd17410eedc792a83114bd2226d809081  actionview-
d93fa09175cd3a4260aaa04576405caeaea5c722  activejob-
751083db939d5b00ee66e383688365f06221b9a5  activemodel-
799344ebdf08a45c56ace16e3f124d4e2a0ecc46  activerecord-
5066a273cc46d7a71e69f34c6d17b1f0eeac74ef  activestorage-
637121aaab5d88902f686d64e86fd4b4967b2031  activesupport-
faebc6a2d71d81b8fdababff057b91bea2bba47e  rails-
5dacf3de55b1c1aa6f9f31b346e963a3745a15d2  railties-

Stay safe, and have a great day everyone!

Rails has been released

Due to an unfortunate oversight, Rails has a missing constant error. To address this Rails has been released.

The original announcement for CVE-2020-8163 has a follow-up message with an updated patch if you’re unable to use the gems.

Here are the shas:

$ sha256sum *-
229cd7da59bd26faf3e9d67a8285150e6eba6f63e077392b68d93b02a06cfd34  actionmailer-
67e84b5fcde0b2d885987a444646fb4d741926fd565565a336e73c5153e7a5a4  actionpack-
3be3f1ab60f518415da2fab994eac7d4ad869ea6b89762b7c1a9922e0756963e  actionview-
cab80c01aa01e0856c506c9a1fc7e492ca5e93c45ac917f9ea3671f8c77016ae  activejob-
97b94190b4a2c1ccfaa9727a445d2b157dac8378959c37df3b51a0aafb3967fc  activemodel-
cd6c8445c0b4ee3c89ec382149c0e7d44148d179092f69d8ec333be1fc4efcba  activerecord-
515015c5b8c7b35af33f5911c14248b06438c25fda60905965ba8d3c2237e372  activesupport-
7502ee83259abce924803052e34f3a9d072b01050e41e2ae94a22ddfd16d9686  rails-
f33ac1fc4e3dff3f35369caaf7ca21ace876637fabba9d05e512bfc06379c789  railties-

Apologies to anyone affected by this error.

Rails has been released

Hey everyone! Rails has been released! It contains one patch to address CVE-2020-8163. You can see the patch here.

Here are the shas:

[aaron@tc-lan-adapter ~/g/r/pkg (4-2-stable)]$ shasum *
83032b4c875aabfda864c66cb93b813630709296  actionmailer-
b5abffff073b64b9ad8898f6872bb6136e065db8  actionpack-
e7946643d107c48798430fb009b1461361365a9e  actionview-
3950245af83ed510c8627840a4f22433650c76b7  activejob-
d8143e3b39ae1db75b8ae38cd9deb89f775dfd8e  activemodel-
178b5c42128cca057fa092c0c470327e5ee1fd36  activerecord-
419a5082a5fcdf5e586991ae882c8a7c309fbb82  activesupport-
0f1f6de79761559fa9152a07373993a8dddf7a3e  rails-
e8607553f3fec597423eea77722dd6a59060a827  railties-

Happy Friday everyone!

May of WTFs, RailsConf and more

This is Greg and Wojtek bringing you the latest news about Rails in these crazy times.

A May of WTFs

Have you ever lost time on some strange Rails issue? Would you like to make it go away, so the others won’t do the same? It is an initiative running this month to improve Rails, especially for the first time users. Check the details and help making Rails better!

RailsConf - Couch Edition

This year RailsConf took place online. You can already watch all the videos. Take a look at the official announcement or jump straight to the playlist here.

Rails 6.0.3 has been released

This version fixes warnings when used with Ruby 2.7 altogether with many other framework bug fixes.

Instrument layout rendering

With this addition it is possible to listen on more specific action view layout rendering instrumentation.

Inspect time attributes with subsec


#<Knot id: 1, created_at: "2016-05-05 01:29:47">


#<Knot id: 1, created_at: "2016-05-05 01:29:47.116928000">

Test file patterns configurable via Environment variables

It is now possible to control which test files to execute by setting DEFAULT_TEST or DEFAULT_TEST_EXCLUDE environment variables.

Fix aggregate functions to return numeric value consistently even on custom attribute type

Count and average always returns a numeric value, but sum, maximum, and minimum did not always return a numeric value if aggregated on a custom attribute type.

Deprecate passing a column to type_cast

The type information for type casting is entirely separated to type object, so if anyone does passing a column to type_cast in Rails 6, they are likely doing something wrong. See the PR for a more thorough explanation.

Deprecate allowed_index_name_length and in_clause_length in DatabaseLimits

In the past, the SQLite3 adapter relied on allowed_index_name_length, but it is no longer needed so it got deprecated. in_clause_length also got deprecated in https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/39057.

38 people contributed since our last issue. You can check the full list of changes. Keep safe out there!

A May of WTFs: Let's hear about all the potholes, roadblocks, and roundabouts!

The bar for reporting a bug to the Rails project can be pretty steep. You’re expected to carefully diagnose the problem, preferably propose a solution, include detailed reproduction steps, and all the other homework that makes it possible for a project like Rails to deal with hundreds if not thousands of reports on a yearly basis.

While this is a reasonable process for collecting actionable reports that a small group of contributors can reasonably triage, it’s not a great process at all for learning about all the the potholes, the roadblocks, and the roundabouts that make your journey that much more uncomfortable or take longer. That stuff just gets swallowed up by the sinkhole of grievances (have I exhausted the metaphor yet?! 😂).

So when Avdi took to air some of those grievances on Twitter, the natural thing happened that always happens when you feel your work is attacked: The core contributor group got defensive! That’s a mischaracterization! Where are the completed bug reports!? You know the drill, if you’ve ever worked on something, poured your heart into it, and then seen it criticized online. There’s that immediate, knee-jerk reaction of a sting. But it doesn’t have to sting.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” – Victor Frankl

We’re now choosing that response to be something different than the typical response to a perceived slight. Our response will be that of growth, and its essence is that Avdi’s frustrations are broad frustrations, they’re valid frustrations. They’re perhaps not yet in an actionable form, like we’re used to with perfectly described bug reports, but we can turn them into that! Together!

And even more, we can accept that Avdi’s frustrations are not anywhere near broad enough to cover all the frustrations. So we can ask for more! In a structured way, under a new paradigm of inquiry, and we can make Ruby on Rails better together. That sounds pretty good, no?

So that’s what we’re doing! We started a small group to involve Avdi, Betsy, and others who’ve expressed grievances or interest in those grievances to work together. And the first project to come out of this group is what we’re calling A May of WTFs. It’s a new category on the Ruby on Rails discussion forum, and it’s going to be a safe space for those WTFs you weren’t going to turn into formal bug reports. It’s going to be timeboxed to the month of May. And it’s going to run under the championship of Betsy Haibel. So I’ll let her set the terms of engagement:

We all lose time to “Rails WTFs.” Something goes weird in our Rails process, and we spend four hours frantically reading Stack Overflow before it finally occurs to us to restart Spring. Or we make one silly typo and it causes the autoloader to lose track of an entirely different class.

It can be hard to write bug reports for a WTF. When it’s difficult to understand what triggered it an issue, or what fixed it, nailing down a good reproduction seems impossible. And who wants to go to that effort when they’ve just spent hours staring at byebug and cursing computers?

This May, the Rails team is going to be tackling some of these WTFs – which means we need you to tell us about them! Send us your strangest Rails 6 stories, even if you don’t really understand what triggered them or remember how you fixed it. Provide as much detail as you can – but don’t worry over what you can’t. We’ll be looking through all of this for patterns that will let us improve Rails (or at least its error messages) for everyone.

So please, come join us in a May of WTFs. Help Betsy, Avdi, and everyone else who’s interested in transforming the raw energy of frustrations into gleaming patches to documentation, error messages, or even APIs. We’ll take WTFs as input and produce 💖 as output.

Rails 6.0.3 has been released!

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that Rails 6.0.3 has been released. This version fixes warnings when used with Ruby 2.7.

CHANGES since 6.0.2

To view the changes for each gem, please read the changelogs on GitHub:

To see a summary of changes, please read the release on GitHub:


Full listing

To see the full list of changes, check out all the commits on GitHub.


If you’d like to verify that your gem is the same as the one I’ve uploaded, please use these SHA-256 hashes.

Here are the checksums for 6.0.3:

$ shasum -a 256 *-6.0.3.gem
fe6b115017a16527a535088141ceaf465899cb7e4da2cc3dece30d59c2f66b53  actioncable-6.0.3.gem
58bd373233d0d70056de073b5ae0b84b598204c651712f450107294807ea9bdb  actionmailbox-6.0.3.gem
b922a6f15388275e095c4ef2e14a1581bbd84a006bb58242ba652a068304a499  actionmailer-6.0.3.gem
d6d9e228ac083ed9c62e8ea7470cadeebbb77998e523e0ef0902e532342c08ed  actionpack-6.0.3.gem
121c7774a0c9b581e681e84fcb34e8af6e2525e4195a1b815d3407dd77518803  actiontext-6.0.3.gem
f8a82d4f9e925cd9bb208ab5f37f91b297fe260b6fab9df2df99844341c9ce68  actionview-6.0.3.gem
eb3c4e63e96dc3f6746e245479a8e67c0d5b8316c0f034aa98c82a1975b825e3  activejob-6.0.3.gem
1f578a8ac1e111e4770c787d99ec432243ecbfee9593482eef0fadcdbae2295e  activemodel-6.0.3.gem
3bc7bef0857854609ac0e249467a2909f23042b6897284302b148018c84175f2  activerecord-6.0.3.gem
8ed4f462195c5460c3086e57e3441321f832fc396631bb76b8fd1d0cae18c8fb  activestorage-6.0.3.gem
460c7dc137d98409d9964b1216a67572d32904454f55a44f59fdf9d43b19106a  activesupport-6.0.3.gem
399039af4ca160751f87505e13d1a000dfb65e15e4d86601eb34070b85fc73e7  rails-6.0.3.gem
5163bf5652c4419cebb699cd1d723a9b80236bce70e25b1bc2f5d3bab78b0206  railties-6.0.3.gem

As always, huge thanks to the many contributors who helped with this release.

Rails 6.0.3.rc1 has been released!

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that Rails 6.0.3.rc1 has been released.

If no regressions are found, expect the final release on Wednesday, May 6, 2020. If you find one, please open an issue on GitHub and mention me (@rafaelfranca) on it, so that we can fix it before the final release.

CHANGES since 6.0.2

To view the changes for each gem, please read the changelogs on GitHub:

To see a summary of changes, please read the release on GitHub:

6.0.3.rc1 CHANGELOG

Full listing

To see the full list of changes, check out all the commits on GitHub.


If you’d like to verify that your gem is the same as the one I’ve uploaded, please use these SHA-256 hashes.

Here are the checksums for 6.0.3.rc1:

$ shasum -a 256 *-6.0.3.rc1.gem
582a8303c42d9212bbdfed89dc03c795222240cf63172994af9b1cb53e7d7856  actioncable-6.0.3.rc1.gem
3a3c22c0e4c8ec04a201b96924aca7cc578a00c9dca173e65d86ff10f7a2ca0e  actionmailbox-6.0.3.rc1.gem
037d2c522920b384e4faa54e0f3c05f082421a982db46d91968214e592f95e79  actionmailer-6.0.3.rc1.gem
7e6dc42ff9c0ad6d332a558f6b4216647eae9b799c4e671e7c55abf879a9b4d9  actionpack-6.0.3.rc1.gem
3a8009d4fcb4d8b1b54e251d577f4ad84a27a78876b2ed3f639140e90f4e783b  actiontext-6.0.3.rc1.gem
9a66e602199f4c6a79656e14a314b0026e674f8bb48fa316773484e354ccb291  actionview-6.0.3.rc1.gem
4c39f2a3df77837a3270c04af3a8dccbfa3884240aa6b4b4cdd153b8b702719c  activejob-6.0.3.rc1.gem
c22bcffaf22e343013866d2027dce45472000bd5def1fa96fddf3b02249c1d63  activemodel-6.0.3.rc1.gem
98dbea5db16b2857931fcb252858ff004c5cc1ceebd560cfc20962d785d565e2  activerecord-6.0.3.rc1.gem
aeaf6cdaa8019a451d28487cf1fb32b2818e03a18a147d11b55ef9ade110266c  activestorage-6.0.3.rc1.gem
9be7ec1f69d254ab6379bff92dec8c4852ca6fc0c7bd14d3fb94e71ce7091643  activesupport-6.0.3.rc1.gem
bd2558f622b5c02f3eb40514f861465c24cec0e2903cd6edf3a89da6dfa6c0f0  rails-6.0.3.rc1.gem
98b6b32f0839ba156f6cd5633666ceb816190fc6f5d73af5bee9b4288d5f8428  railties-6.0.3.rc1.gem

As always, huge thanks to the many contributors who helped with this release.

This week in Rails - security releases, new mailing list, new features, and refactoring

Daniel here, holed up in my apartment in New York City trying to stay healthy. Overwhelmed by all the latest pandemic news? Why not take a break with some exciting Rails news?

Security Fixes

Rails and were recently released to fix a XSS vulnerability in Action View. If you are not running one of these versions, it is time to upgrade. While you are at it, it is also time to upgrade to Ruby 2.5.8, 2.6.6, or 2.7.1.

Ruby on Rails on Discourse

The Ruby on Rails mailing list has migrated to https://discuss.rubyonrails.org/. If you would like to suggest changes or new features, discuss documentation, or ask questions about Rails, this is the place to be.

Annotate HTML output with template names

If you have ever opened your HTML source in the browser and wondered which templates were rendering which part of the page, this feature is for you. config.action_view.annotate_template_file_names adds HTML comments to the rendered output indicating where each template begins and ends. I am a fan of this feature, and I also like the clear problem statement in the commit message and PR description.

Quickly generate a Rails app pointing to master

If you are anything like me, you want to try out new Rails features the moment they are merged. Why wait? Now generating a new Rails app pointing to master is as simple as rails new <app_name> --master.

Just simply improve the documentation

Removing words like “just” and “simple” from the documentation might seem like a small change, but removing these superfluous words can make for a significantly more welcoming experience to folks who are struggling. 😍

Use index_by and index_with wherever possible

I haven’t used index_by and index_with before, but seeing this PR makes me want to try them out. It certainly looks nicer than map { ... }.to_h. And if you really like these methods you can enforce that with a new rubocop-rails cop.

And plenty of refactoring

Eileen refactored invert_predicate and fetch_attribute to get rid of some case statements in favor of a more object oriented approach. Aaron refactored the PartialRenderer, splitting out classes for rendering single objects and collections. John improved some things by making ActionView rendering instrumentation less DRY (sometimes WET code is better!).

106 people contributed since our last issue. Check out the full list of changes and Stay healthy out there!