Rails 0.9.2: End of requiring models, models in sessions, lots of fixes

Thanks to the powers of const_missing, you no longer need to explicitly require models that reside in their own files. They’ll spring to life automatically, which is very helpful for inheritance where you’re documenting the dependency using subclassing already and for instant use of models in script/console. It’s now also safe to place models in sessions without worrying about stale association caches—they’re cleared at the end of each request. In addition, there are about 33 other fixes, changes, and features in this release.

Rails 0.9.1: Small, but important bugfix for Action Pack

Fixed a bug that would cause an Application Controller to require itself three times and hence cause filters to be run three times. Evl tried to tell me before release of 0.9, but I wouldn’t listen. Silly me.

Rails 0.9: Fast development, breakpoints, validations

Another huge upgrade with again close to 100 changes, additions, and tweaks. Most importantly are the new faster development environment that caches the framework and lets the application reload under both WEBrick and Fast CGI. Major is also the new breakpoints that allows you to inspect an application during execution, change the model, and resume. Additionally, we got a whole new way to do validations that extends the domain language of Rails with a wide range of new words.

Changelogs: Rails | Active Record | Action Pack | Action Mailer

But more importantly, learn how to upgrade from 0.8.5 to 0.9.0 or check the book about 0.9 features