Hungary on Rails is a new community site for the Hungarian Railers. It contains a translation of most of this site and its own blog among other things. Neato.

Talking Rails in London in February

The Future of Web Apps is a Summit penned for London in February where people from various parts of the industry will met to talk about.. well.. The FUTURE!

And so will I, under the banner of “Happy Programming and Sustainable Productivity with Ruby on Rails”. So if you have your future groove on and a chance to do London early next year, this is a match.

Thomas Fuchs shows off Fluxiom

So know we know what all that sexy was been grown for! Thomas Fuchs has unveiled a taste of Fluxiom. It’s an asset manager that looks especially nice for keeping track of stock images, reusable graphics, and everything else that makes a creative firm spin. Very cool looking and decidedly sexy. Oh, and of course all powered by Rails.

Buy beautiful with the rich and famous on Rails

Thibiant is a e-commerce site for a renowned spa in Beverly Hills, which caters to the rich and famous stars of Hollywood. And now, those very same stars will be shopping through Rails. Sergio Bayona and team from Space Dog House is behind it.

So if you’re programming Rails it’s almost like you can say that you’ve touched someone famous now!