Steps to publish a Riding Rails article

  1. Clone the weblog repository

     $ git clone
  2. Checkout the gh-pages branch

     $ cd weblog && git checkout gh-pages
  3. Create a post in the _posts directory with the date and permalink in the name

     $ vi _posts/YYYY-MM-DD-permalink.format
  4. Write your post

     layout: post
     title: Your post title
     categories: [Releases,Edge]
     author: Your Name
     published: true
     date: 2012-03-07 19:22:00 +00:00
     Your post content in HTML, Textile or Markdown format
  5. Commit and push

     $ git add . && git commit -m 'My commit message' && git push
  6. There is no step six - GitHub will rebuild the _site directory

Contribution Guidelines

  1. When embedding an image, make a copy in the /assets directory if possible.

  2. When adding a new category, add the category index page as well.

  3. Try to avoid using of inline style definitions as they make redesigning harder in the future.

  4. Use <h2> tags (## in Markdown) for red headings and <h3> tags (### in Markdown) for black headings - do not use a single line paragraph with bold text as the margin spacing will be incorrect.