Don't be so arrogant

Posted by admin, October 28, 2005 @ 9:11 pm

Some times you just need an outside opinion to achieve true clarity of vision. Thankfully, there’s always such an angel available when you need it the most:

Rails shows some promise but much, much more is needed. Sorry to say this but you need stored procedure support (I know that’s a sensitive subject), less coupling with the data schema, data-aware tags in XML format and more people to knock out serious bugs.

Don’t be so arrogant.

Thanks, Pearson. I don’t know how I could have somehow missed these essential features for so long. I mean, how can we expect to be taken serious before we have data-aware tags in XML format? And what is up with all that coupling with the data schema?!

Actually, I don’t think we can get that 1.0 out the door now. With this renewed vision for the true frontiers for Rails, I think we need at least a few months in the shop yet. Of course, we’ll use that time to get all those people to knock out our serious bugs.

This is indeed all for the best.