Rails celebrates more than 10,000 downloads

Posted by admin, December 29, 2004 @ 1:10 am in General

Across all versions and distributions forms, Rails have now rounded 10,000 downloads since the first version was released just five months ago. That’s an incredible achievement for a new framework to reach in such a short period of time, but if things go as they should, we should be celebrating 100,000 downloads in another five months (world domination doesn’t occur by modesty, now does it ;)).

Thanks to all the contributors who helped make Rails a desirable package. Thanks to all the companies that took a chance with a new kind of productivity. Thanks to all the many users who made it interesting to release new versions.

And of course thanks to the live community hanging out on #rubyonrails and rails@lists.rubyonrails.org. Keeping the energy at a staggering high day by day.